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09:21 PM Hahlo Bug #19 (Closed): Undefined offset error on all-replies timeline
09:20 PM Hahlo Bug #1 (Closed): Check that options array exists on load
09:17 PM Hahlo Feature #60: Add auto-refresh to direct messages
Also make sure growl notifications are working.


11:15 PM Hahlo Bug #59 (Closed): usernme and hash links need to scroll to the top when clicked
11:05 PM Hahlo Feature #55 (Closed): Add block/unblock buttons to profiles
Blocking adding to friend and follower lists and to user profiles. Also added 'Blocks' page which lists all currently blocked users and allows for them to be unblocked.


07:27 PM Hahlo Bug #59: usernme and hash links need to scroll to the top when clicked
page isn't auto scrolled to the top of the page when the ajax load finishes, not high priority but should be easy to solve.


04:25 AM Hahlo Feature #51 (Closed): Make it easier to send a direct message
Fixed by #52, users can now quickly access DM mode by tapping 'Tweet' menu option and then selecting the 'DM' tab which has been added to the bottom left of the text box.
04:22 AM Hahlo Feature #52 (Closed): Revise update/tweet box to include/reference DM
Tweaked the layout and open/close scripts for the two forms so the jump when switching between them is smoother. Added small tabs to quickly switch between the two modes (tweet and DM)


05:25 AM Hahlo Feature #40 (Closed): add search box to search results page
Search box has been added to the main search results page. Search can be submitted using either the search button on the page, hitting return, or the search button on the iphone keyboard.


04:22 AM Hahlo Bug #42 (Closed): better error messages

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